Applications are downloaded every day, more so that you could imagine. People often find at least one new application on their phone, especially those who browse the internet on a daily basis. Mobile power-users often download more than one application per day. Not every user downloads the same applications or categories, even. The categories also vary between Android users and iOS users, some being popular on one system than the other.

Here are the most popular app categories for both systems.

Games and Entertainment

These two categories, or sometimes, often thought of as one category, are by far the most-downloaded categories on both the systems. They are very popular, for many reasons, one of them being that many young people have access to mobile phones and other devices capable of running various applications. At least 2 billion applications, games, rather, were downloaded in the 4th quarter of 2018 from the iOS App Store.

Entertainment apps often include social networking applications, as they are used by a large percentage of people, more often the younger users.


Many people love their sports apps. Whether they are just fans of sports or enjoy occasional gambling on the side, they all download sports apps. Now, there are plenty of variations of sports apps, from news apps, to even sport-betting apps. The latter is also quite popular, especially in countries where online sports betting is legal. A good example of a sports-betting app comes from Paddy Power Casino, and if you like to know more about Paddy Power, you can learn more here.


There was no doubt about music being one of the most popular categories of apps. People love listening to music and download various apps which help them to do so. Some prefer music players and adding their own high-quality files while others download music streaming apps like Spotify. There are plenty of music-related apps which are downloaded on a daily basis. A lot of applications directly related to instruments like tuners are categorized under music, rather than tools.


This category has many applications under its belt. That is one of the main reasons why it is so popular. There are so many applications here, each doing a different thing, for example, guitar tuners and file sharing services are both categorized as tools. Video editors, music editors, drawing and painting software, almost anything can be categorized as a tool, which is why this category has so many downloads. Likewise, people often rely on modern applications to help them in daily tasks such as calculating, tracking time, navigating, recipes, and more.

Travel Apps

Travel apps have become popular lately, due to low-cost flights and people being able to visit places more often. Travel guides, hotel, and hostel booking apps, flight booking apps, planners, and maps, all help with navigation and making travel easier and effortless. People use these apps to make their trips easier and more memorable. Nobody wants to experience multiple problems on a simple weekend-long trip.


Many document editing applications such as office suites find their way into this category, as well as other apps which could be classified as tools, without a second thought. Job finders and news applications are also in the business category.

These are the most popular categories of apps for both dominant mobile systems, Android and iOS.