Music is an art form and as such it evolved as people of different cultures and time periods looked for a way to express themselves. It consists of a few different elements we know as rhythm, dynamics, pitch and the sound quality of timbre and texture. The music emphasises, de-emphasises or omits some of those elements creating a variety of musical genres we know today. In today’s age, there are several music genres that pull ahead of the others. We have compiled a list of the most popular ones, so continue reading to find out for yourself.


Hip-Hop, also known as rap music, is a music genre that originated in the United States among the African Americans in the 1970s. It incorporates different rapping styles and various sampling beats. Throughout the years it developed its own culture and the clothing style while at the same time influencing other musical genres. Today, hip-hop is considered the most popular music genre after surpassing rock music.


During the 1950s, rock music originated as rock and roll in the United States. Parts of what’s rock music today can be heard in the blues records dating all the way to 1920s or country records from the 1930s. However, this musical direction didn’t get its own name until 1954. It was, ever since, been argued that ‘’That’s All Right (Mama)’’ by Elvis Presley could be the first record that can be contributed to the genre. Rock music was influenced by an amplified electric guitar by the blues guitarists and an electric bass guitar of the jazz music. Today, the rock genre influences a dozen different sub-genres with the majority of them being popular on their own.


EDM is an abbreviation standing for electronic dance music or, as known in Europe, just dance music. The EDM is produced by disc jockeys that combine the seamless selection of tracks for nightclubs, raves or festivals. In the last 40 years, it evolved into plenty of different genres you most likely have heard of such as house music, drum and bass, techno etc. As a genre, it was influenced heavily by the likes of Disco music, Hip-Hop or Dub.


You might have noticed a pattern here when it comes to how different music genres influence each other to form new genres or sub-genres. That is the most beautiful thing about music. It’s constantly on the move, constantly evolving. It’s adapting itself to fit people of different ethnicity, age, culture, to fit different moods or occasions. The term ‘’music for my ears’’ was coined for a reason. No matter your personal preference, you will find a genre of music you can enjoy.