Casino and gambling were always associated with fame, prestige, and glamour, so it is only natural they are frequently referenced in pop culture. TV shows, songs, movies very often depict or have scenes shot in a casino, and in a few cases, gambling has a direct impact on the plot and theme. 

This is not too surprising, considering how many people love to have fun there and party with a fancy drink in hand while casting dice. In fact, casinos are so popular people spend their time playing on an online version, like Next Casino, when they are too busy to go to the real one. Here we will go over some of the most famous gambling references in pop culture. 

Elvis Presley – Viva Las Vegas

The king himself, singing about the most iconic town when it comes to casinos and gambling. The song is pretty much spot on when describing the city and unlucky casino experience. It’s not just lyrics that are descriptive but the sound effects also imitate the noise we hear while in a casino, rolling dice, spinning wheel, etc. Most importantly the song is not about winning, it is about having a time of your life, and wishing it can go on forever.     

Casino Royale – James Bond

Daniel Craig had a legendary run winning streak like James Bond in Casino Royale, which is a dream come true for just about anyone. But it’s not just that he wins a lot of money, it is the entire 007 mysterious vibe and steely-eyed look who maintains throughout the whole game, while everyone else on his team is having a nervous breakdown. To top it all he plays it off like it’s just a regular game for him and walks off composed tipping the dealer. This only goes to show that it’s not about winning or losing money it’s about being the best at something, the money is just to raise the stakes higher for the viewers, and make the scene more engaging.      

Fallout: New Vegas

One of the most popular games released back in 2010 was New Vegas from Fallout series. Much like other Fallout games, it usually has players overcome challenges and finish quests in a post-apocalyptic setting, and in this case, you were transporting a package to New Vegas. As an in-game character, you can visit a casino buy chips and play, but it is also worth mentioning that your “Luck” stat will affect how likely you are to win. So, if you were not improving your strength, intellect or dexterity, you can be lucky at least.     

Kenny Rogers – The Gambler

Finally, we have another legendary song called The Gambler, written by Don Schlitz. It is Kenny Rogers’ performance that blew people away and that made the song popular. In fact, the song became Number One Hit in 1978, and it won him a Grammy award in 1980. At face value, the song is about playing poker, however, it is also about picking your battles, getting over a challenging period in your life, and about not giving up no matter the odds. In other words, if you have been dealt a bad hand, power through and wait for a more fortunate moment, but also remember to use it wisely once it comes.