Betting on sports and playing games of chance can hardly be called new. People have been doing this even in Ancient Greece. These days, the market has blossomed into a multi-billion dollar global enterprise, with people being able to bet from home using coupons and codes like bonusa kods. It was only a matter of time before bettors discovered other items they can place a wager on. Enter novelty betting.

What Is Novelty Betting?

Basically, it is betting on things that may seem unconventional at first. They involve picking the winner of a political election, a reality show, or even a beauty pageant. Novelty betting is perfect for the people who want to have the same level of thrill as with sports betting or simply need a bit of an incentive to get excited about the next Emmy Awards.

People enjoy this type of betting since it can give out substantial payouts for good guesses. There is also very little injury, almost no unforeseen scandals, and it is a nice break from the sport where you find yourself yelling at the TV or your phone screen in an effort to motivate your athletes of choice to win.


Despite the fact that novelty betting is becoming increasingly popular, not all online betting sites provide this service to their clients. For example, PaddyPower, William Hill, and present their customers with several such events to bet on, while bet365 doesn’t. While we are not certain why this is the case, our guess is that it comes down to several factors like betting regulations and profitability.

Inside Information

Sometimes, sports fans get frustrated, not only because their team hasn’t won, but because there was foul play that contributed to the said loss. We are not talking about mistakes that referees make – that’s just a part of the game. There are corruption and shady match fixtures that affect the outcome of future matches. Corruption surrounding cricket in India is perhaps the best example of to what degree the games become distorted.

Novelty betting is partially immune to this. How come? Well, let’s take a look at the Oscars. Some might argue that the Oscars are more in sync with the political tides of their time than on actual performances by the actors, directors, and the rest of the film industry. Consider the time and roles of Leonardo DiCaprio and how long it took him to win an Oscar, as well as what the circumstances were. Saying that he was overdue would be an understatement.

You could call it tampering, but it is the sort of tampering that is widely accepted as fair play and a significant portion of people is aware of it to at least some degree. We only need to factor this in if we plan on placing a novelty bet on the event in question. Did a participant make an outlandish comment? They will likely not proceed to the next round of the competition. Has there been a scandal that a celebrity can’t shake off? Again, this is not the person to bet on. The list goes on and on.

In Conclusion

Novelty betting is the type of betting that goes beyond the usual betting parlors and houses and games of chance. It is betting on real-world and TV events that the public is keeping a close eye on and it is a welcome distraction or a way to get involved with the current events. The number of online sites that are covering events you can bet on gradually increases and is very likely to continue doing so.